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  1. solve me hit me up on Skype / aim


    aim:[email protected]

  2. Thought this was funny, had a dream (for whatever reason) that Datsik and Bare were at my house, Bare ended up passing out on the couch really early and i had to go to work, before i left i asked Datsik if he could hold down the fort and if he needed anything before i left, he told me to get him a gun? lol so i did and before i gave it to him i asked, hey are you solveme? he said "Wow, thats a damn good question" and then i woke up. Dont think your datsik just thought it would be a funny share.

  3. was wondering if your offer still stood, if so can I get these?

    thnx tons!!

    Datsik - Heartbreaker

    FuntCase - So Vexxed (Cookie Monsta RMX)

    Skrillex - All I Ask

  4. c'mon ruffneck drumstep!

  5. hahahahaha corehard

  6. hey, i am excision and i forgot who you are? could you please send me a pm with your artist name? 8)

    i also lost all my hdd´s could you resend me all shit, i ever sent you?

    would be a good help

    greetz - your label boss!

  7. Sir, please post the old ruffneck drumstep track by skrillex if you have it


  8. do you have 'Knife Party - The Centipede' ? :)

  9. any way to get in touch with u? can we chat on aim mate

  10. Can you please post the full version of Ruffneck bass that you said you would only trade very rare tracks for? Since it's been released?

  11. PM me please :)

  12. PM me your aim please interested in trading :)

  13. PM me Please :)

  14. The wav file of Superbad was sent out by Circus. Stop being an idiot.

  15. its ok i know that wav wasnt real, nice try at recording the vinyl yourself though, but the levels on that wav are way to high, i got an identicle spek when i recorded it a bit to loud....