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    Another Montreal represent
  2. Aether & Culprate - Flora (Original Mix)

    this could make a grown man cry, right in the feels
  3. FLIX - Invade

    one of the many people putting Montreal on the map, big ups to my budday felix for this one
  4. DUCHESS is right tho, a lot of these big producers sorta slack off when they make it big, some on purpose, some just tour too much and the studio does not get much use, and when do produce they are tired from touring. Notice how its mostly dubstep? All these massive tours with 5 6 big names, massive festivals with all the same names over and over. I find dnb doesent have that problem since it doesent have a million festivals and mega tours with a ton of big names, hence why dnb will never die.
  5. Lavance & Skarpa - Deadweight

    holy shit, literally an exact copy
  6. Tuff Culture - Feels

    where is all the bass house on here?
  7. Yellow Claw - Hold On To Me Ft. GTA (Kompany Bootleg)

    150 is the new 145
  8. Sekai - For You (Original Mix)

    if the intro wasnt like that it would, after the drop i like it, but just cause of the intro and vocal throughout the track id never play it.
  9. Truth ft. Killa P - War

  10. Camo & Krooked - Passion

    pretty sure this is still dnb
  11. dark elixir is half of Siskiyou
  12. was gonna say wasnt this posted last year, realised the whole ep got posted and not individual tracks.
  13. Clockvice & Vorso - Limbo

    same, this is pretty good
  14. Taiko - Fu##y (Original Mix)

    Id put it in deep dubstep, pretty good tho.