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  1. Killbox - Hype Cycle

    http://mixstep.co/cfsmdti52gje from vk, spek is passable, but it's the best I could find. cutoff @18 and a little shelving @ 16.
  2. Deetox - Bring The Riot 2017 (Extended Mix)

    http://mixstep.co/58qvmvwx9xbc biiig tune. From vk, but the spek is good
  3. D-Fence - B.A.M.

    http://mixstep.co/21uypre74rqq banga vk, spek is good
  4. Ignite - The New Shit

    http://mixstep.co/gq5e3s6v7l5l vk, spek is good
  5. Sirio - Reckless Layered

    http://mixstep.co/zakwrtyyg0fs vk, spek good
  6. Sirio - Hand Killa

    http://mixstep.co/7x9dzfcjjobi vk, spek goood
  7. http://mixstep.co/cgja5gatlmbk vk, spek is good
  8. Bodyshock & Bloodcage - Pusher

    http://mixstep.co/oltik3akp3qf vk, spek is good
  9. http://mixstep.co/yhwpodzds5e3 vk, spek is good
  10. Dither - Raggacore

    http://mixstep.co/y4p4iaxu908w vk, spek is good
  11. I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked

    http://mixstep.co/w1p1v8xp9521 vk, spek OK
  12. Death By Design - The Ultimate Adventure (Original Mix)

    Jeez big mistake haha, now just need a mod to move it. @Mich would you be able to move this to Frenchcore please?
  13. http://mixstep.co/yjq89g89fwul vk, spek OK
  14. I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked

    Are you totally sure? I find this one to be kind of a crossbreed type track.
  15. Act Of Rage & D-Sturb - Let The Games Begin

    http://mixstep.co/9wvnhvpyxhs5 from vk, but spek is OK fellow ravers.
  16. Ulterior Motive & DLR - Rungler

    http://mixstep.co/rdste8wahgqi Track is from vk, but the spek is good (cutoff @20 and virtually no shelving @16).
  17. Chaotic Hostility - 7 Days

    http://mixstep.co/c5yaqzlkocos vk, spek is OK
  18. http://mixstep.co/d3k5b5xy4blg vk, spek OK
  19. The Fuze - Big Shot

    http://mixstep.co/lfq413gapuqp vk, spek OK
  20. Wavolizer - Rollin N

    http://mixstep.co/ctv4whasnssd vk, spek OK
  21. Wavolizer - Crank Up

    http://mixstep.co/0719pu1v5hyj vk, spek OK
  22. http://mixstep.co/a36dzb5wyu0p vk, spek OK
  23. Crypton & Vertex - Rifle (Original Mix)

    http://mixstep.co/5j6z25515i9z vk, spek OK
  24. Lunatic & Hyrule War - My Wife (Original Mix)

    http://mixstep.co/g3fhv6n71luw vk, spek OK
  25. Hyrule War - F.Unicorn (Original Mix)

    http://mixstep.co/ask4eguvr8yu vk, spek OK