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  1. such a nice funky yet crunchy tuneee!!!
  2. Karin Park - Restless (Hannah Wants Dub)

    thanks for this. Everyone needs a good throwback every once in awhile
  3. quite an interesting intro. i dig it
  4. Liking the new ramses b vibes. Funny this song was made for rocket league
  5. Velocity - The Moonstone Theme

  6. Rudimental – Healing (feat. J Angel)

    this tune has some soul!!! thanks for the upload
  7. BIJOU & Gerry Gonza - We Runnin It

    I'm here to settle this argument.... It's definitely dubstep
  8. I'd say its progressive house but i'm not 100% because I dont really listen to progressive anymore haha. Anyways thanks for the uploads! just try to be more aware of what section you post to
  9. this is definitely not Jackin...
  10. Bruze D'Angelo - The Bomb

    I could definitely bounce to this
  11. definitely heard shiba san drop this at a show
  12. Giraffage & Slow Magic - So Cute!

    I feel the same way, I actually would like the first drop alot if it didnt have all beeps. I wish I could just edit that sound out or something
  13. Starts out a bit noisier than what im used to hearing from Giraffage but I really enjoy the second drop and closing segments. Give it a listen, just for scientific purposes. http://cloudsuzy.com/4bc9b5e57b520b74 http://soundcloud.com/giraffage/giraffage-slow-magic-so-cute
  14. Tomggg - Butter Sugar Cream (feat. tsvaci)

    Something about this song makes me smile and laugh uncontrollably
  15. Darius & FKJ - Ô

    Need more of this in my life