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  1. http://mixstep.co/sgsz7wanlhvg
  2. Caspa - Tech Foul

    weird vibes on this feels like dub and deep
  3. FLIX - Invade

    FLIX is fucking insane
  4. Getter - Lights Out (ID "R28D" VIP)

    ahh ID as in Xaebor
  5. Getter - Lights Out (ID "R28D" VIP)

    woi that flow is this by ID the artist or just ID as in we don't know the VIP
  6. Tantrum - Demonout

    i agree, its just like he played the songs on VDJ and chopped certain parts.
  7. Dustycloud - Ride

    imo i think dustycloud is one of the dopest producers in this genre
  8. ANGELZ - Countin 100s

    that sub is fucking fat
  9. Kursa - GTFU

    reminds me of old school koan sound
  10. Gammer - Let's Get Crunk

    is this THE gammer? the one who produces Hardcore?
  11. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Kadaver - Ork Technology

    is the Ep out yet?
  12. Benzmixer - R2D8 (Nexu5 VIP)

    Thank you for this!
  13. Phiso - Perish Song