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  1. Datsik – Pressure Plates

    I see some people don't have quite up to par listening devices lol, it is centered around the mid range for sure. I've got good studio speakers so i'm hearing hi's all over the place. The comments surprised me. LoL when I first opened this page I only glanced at the title and it struck me slightly odd but not unbelievable. Now ten min later I look at the title of it again and instead of what I originally saw which was "pleasure pirates" I realized it's called "pressure plates" that title makes sooooooo much more sense. Enjoy!
  2. Datsik & Ganja White Night ft. T Rabb - Bad Behavior

    They're just trying to keep a certain sound going for the tour is what i'm guessing. I agree completely though
  3. Ivory - Break It Down (Tisoki Remix)

  4. Stinkahbell - Take Me Baby

    Free from SoundCloud off his free 12k Ep, Stinkah 4 prez! 11.5 MB, 320 kbps, Mp3 http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/D7dXDTgY/file.html http://mixstep.co/alk7aqpq5yho Enjoy!
  5. Phiso - One More Time (Mastadon VIP)

  6. Evilwave & Javen - Cult of Apathy

    Mixstep is def suckin atm but is there no other hosting site we can use that has previews? It's kinda required.
  7. Buku - Front To Back (Dirt Monkey Remix)

    well damn................
  8. Mantis ft. Messinian - Moshaholics (Original Mix)

    Def dig the track but can someone please lock messinian in a gym locker somewhere in Russia at a abandoned school maybe in Chernobyl?
  9. RUN DMT - Dub, The People (Original Mix)

    then you love the idea of phasers Why so few likes???!!!!!!!
  10. REZZ x ISQA - Psycho

    could this maybe be drumstep?
  11. Pegboard Nerds - Just Dance (Feat. Tia Simone)

    MP3 Version for those who desire: 9.7 MB, 320 kbps, Mp3 (Boobport) http://www105.zippyshare.com/v/vXWjTEai/file.html http://mixstep.co/xcvbw79ctlp2 Enjoy!
  12. Jantsen - Badboy Sound (Original Mix)

    ooooooohhhhhhh damn!!!!!!!!
  13. Virus Syndicate, Dodge & Fuski - Want It

    instrumental anyone?
  14. Xilent - The X

  15. Benasis - The Swamp

    Freed from the Mound!!!! 72.7, .wav http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/UlZqOqDR/file.html http://mixstep.co/zs50fvv0dn9e Enjoy!