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  1. Bukez Finezt - Under Control (Truth Remix)

    who's the fucking penis who leaked this.
  2. Hey Fro-Step

    It's Phil From Distinct Motive

    Who is this guy who leaked the Under control remix,


    Andre would really like to know.  We will keep it discreet of course


    If you could help it would be greatly appreciated



  3. Distinct Motive - 40hz (Original Mix)

    Thanks for digging the tune everyone! Follow the soundcloud and support us if you like our music <3 www.soundcloud.com/distinctmotive
  4. Distinct Motive - Krome

    Hell yeah man I appreciate ya buying our tunes and supporting the label I'm on!
  5. Distinct Motive - Krome

    Thanks for supporting our tune man! Make sure to get the newest release with Widdler, Karnage, Helktram, Oldgold
  6. BLANKFACE & TARIK BEATZ - Am A Monster (Subfiltronik Remix)

    I think if it was for mixing it'd be structured differently and have hi hats or something. When it goes silent its at the 32nd bar, which is usually when most dubstep tracks drop if its not at the 16th. Guessing its just how they wanted the song to sound, and it sounds pretty dope hahaha
  7. Bar9 - The Beginning VIP

    You had this? :o
  8. Ayus - City Dub Massacre

    Happen to have the anniversary CD by any chance?
  9. Sub Drifter - Screamers (Halloween Freebie)

    This sounds like its in slow motion O.O
  10. Step-A-Side - Anabolism

    huge :)
  11. Nourma - Detroit

    I live 20 minutes above detroit :D Never seen a song with the name yet!
  12. Be-1ne - Disrepresentation

  13. Be-1ne & Forensics - Lighthouse