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  1. Dubloadz - Salt

    Shoulda posted this in the riddim forum, feel like it would've got more attention there. That said, I would say it is more on the deep side but definitely has riddim flows in it. Also, I'll take more of this Dubloadz any day of the year. More of this, less of Cuck Life.

    If it wasn't obvious, I'm really hyped on this guy rn. Don't sleep on Chaimba. http://mixstep.co/geqko6xbxmrn Free EP at 2k followers on Chaimba's SoundCloud, you know what to do. SMASH THAT MF'KIN FOLLOW. http://soundcloud.com/chaimba-dubs
  3. Chaimba - I DON'T NEED YOU

    Unexpected switch up from the intro. Would've honestly though it was gonna be some lo-fi hip-hop type thing but NOPE. http://mixstep.co/i8uo6bt2epuh Give Chaimba a follow if you dig what you're hearing, he's giving out a free EP at 2k followers on SoundCloud.
  4. Chaimba - BURST

    Fairly new on the riddim scene, this dude outta Colorado is making serious waves with proper riddim flow. http://mixstep.co/sff64pvjubja Give him a follow if you dig what you're hearing, he's got a free EP coming in at 2k follows on SoundCloud.

    Birthday freebie from the man himself. Definitely has more of his TOOG flavor that I love. http://mixstep.co/rve1wrwkd92o
  6. YUKI - Insomnia

    Free for hitting 6k on SoundCloud. Dude is a master of the flow. http://mixstep.co/d1cvc00pa1po
  7. YUKI - Hellfire

    Free for hitting 6k on SoundCloud. Dude is a master of the flow. http://mixstep.co/u0k8kbozmko8
  8. Phiso - Wasteland (VIP Mix)

    Huge freebie from the man himself for a great 2017. http://mixstep.co/ms1jcb5kcn2x
  9. Interlock x Bodysnatcherz - Answer To No One

    I do feel you on that though. Especially when you compare it to the amount of sub bass on this one. I talked with Kevin (Bodysnatcherz) and he said he had mastered it like he does his hip-hop tracks which is a first for his dubstep tunes. He felt as if that has something to do with the lack of it; I doubt he'll do that again.
  10. Bommer & Drippy - Dark Forces

    Freebie from these two. Surprising collab not so surprising is how ridiculous it is. http://mixstep.co/9rtp3m6yysa5
  11. Jesus that felt like typing out a paragraph for that title lmao. Huge edit tho of some killer chunes. http://mixstep.co/u74ik8d2rtw7
  12. Interlock x Bodysnatcherz - Answer To No One

    Fucking stomper from these two dudes. Don't sleep on this one. 1:01 = http://mixstep.co/jfmkapb7dby2
  13. 50hman - Gunman

    Blame 50hman, not me.

    Think Subfiltronik meets Phex and you've got Reaper. Carries a lot of sounds from both aforementioned artists but shapes them in his own style that creates for some seriously deadly bass. http://mixstep.co/znccitz94avk
  15. Discovered this Ghostface Dubz guy recently and peeped all of his free stuff. Figured it deserved an upload here for the CLLV fam. Also, only have the .wav for it. http://mixstep.co/hwcffn227hxr