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  1. Crankdat - UGOTME(Finderz Keeperz Remix)

    You have to upload the file to zippyshare or mixstep and give us a DL link if you want to post a track Like this : http://mixstep.co/7prv56qexzid
  2. TC-Rex Ridim feat. Rex

    rex is TC's husky
  3. TroyBoi - Flamez (Alexander Lewis Remix)

    Wav http://mixstep.co/l1ycvw4zdda9 Mp3 later
  4. Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down

    its 172, @ :58 during the build it ramps up to 174. then again during the break 172, until it drops again at 174
  5. Autoraw EP - Saturate Records Nov 2016 http://mixstep.co/85rrl1r5uq95 could be trap too
  6. http://mixstep.co/xk3cs6qfd98z
  7. one of my favorite tunes by fatboy slim remixed by my fav aussies http://mixstep.co/ngynikihs31b
  8. kawaii club http://mixstep.co/42yxn1auiml3
  9. jackin http://mixstep.co/8y9so82qfp2u
  10. HeRobust - Vertebreaker (Habstrakt Remix)

  11. http://mixstep.co/dwk5dyzag5lh
  12. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    you typed the most! yay!
  13. Vindata - aboriginal

  14. Chace - Neon Lights

    80's, house, rob http://mixstep.co/sckh0f9p1746
  15. http://mixstep.co/ua12pb3k706p