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  1. http://mixstep.co/s0758h51k16l http://mixstep.co/w617byt5788i
  2. Mefjus - Untitled (Dub)

  3. Wilkinson - Decompression

  4. http://mixstep.co/xio84qg3my4n http://mixstep.co/nji70qajqia2
  5. Mefjus - Untitled (Dub)

    It’s a 1:40 long track which is a cut of the original.. Check it out.
  6. Mefjus - Untitled (Dub)

    Wrong track bro.. ;-)
  7. Mind Vortex - Now It's Time (Original Mix)

    Look at the title.. I don't wonder..
  8. Mind Vortex - Now It's Time (Original Mix)

    It's been up already however the name of the previous a bit messy...
  9. Bloom & Culprate - Aurora (Original Mix)

    I never heard any glitch on 140.. That's a midtempo genre but yes this track sounds a bit like that.. However I'd never put Culprate into Glitch he mainly produces dubstep tunes with quite wide spectrum of effects..
  10. Featurecast - The Shaker

    Can I have a Re-up on this? Huge remix from him...
  11. http://mixstep.co/8moj1yi6edhx
  12. http://mixstep.co/7shyhs85dl21
  13. Dj Limited - Click Clack

  14. Dj Limited - Click Clack

    Well I try to demonstrate what I'm talking about.. This is a tune has been uploaded by me recently.. If you downloaded and play it on VLC (or any players that display general data informations if you are interested about them) you can see that it was coded by iTunes Btw this is definitely not how an avarage mp3 should look like it reminds me to an m4a to be honest... We all know how they normaly made and that there is a cut off at 20khz.. Another mistery for me.. If iTunes doesn't sell mp3 how can it be coded mp3 by iTunes?
  15. Dj Limited - Click Clack

    Thanks mate will check it! I don’t know if it’s possible to convert m4a to mp3 with iTunes sometimes I see in description that a tune was converted by iTunes 12.... Is it real?
  16. Bensley - Ascension

    http://mixstep.co/uxgig60ebfrn http://mixstep.co/5o58o2lrgk3d
  17. http://mixstep.co/yysksp6rm996
  18. Tsuki & Subsonic - Messiah

  19. Tsuki - Escape

  20. Dj Limited - Lights & Lasers

  21. Twisted Individual - Phlegmtrail

  22. http://mixstep.co/gi5wiyn41jeh
  23. Dj Limited - Click Clack

    In this case this might be useful for ya.. For further questions I recommend Ganjastep he mostly knows everything of Spek Analysing.. About your controller.. These expensive types should play almost every kinds of format as my CDJ-350 also plays mp3, aiff, wav and even m4a but latter has a bit lag when I search into tunes.. It might be some setting problem, but I really recommend Audacity with .lame converting to mp3 believe me it will do its job... And yes you are right most of them can't do anything with FLAC and I still wonder why..
  24. Polygon - One Day