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  1. Bad District & DaVIP - Chemical Spill

    do you have the whoel ep by chance?
  2. I’m guessing Spotify rip if he posted the Spotify playlist too...
  3. http://mixstep.co/j5hxe6pvs81w
  4. http://mixstep.co/a4k0v9cq4pwr
  5. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Thug Killer

    @666 thank you kind sir
  6. Tantrum Desire - Grimm

  7. TC - Rockstar 2017 Remix

    I’m mixed on this one
  8. Dub Elements - Bad Guy

    reup possibly?
  9. Myro & Bar9 - Take Me Up (Tantrum Desire Remix)

    havent heard this one but wtf ill grab it anyways lol
  10. Myro & Bar9 - Take Me Up (Mayhem Remix)

    you are my lord and savior biggup
  11. Myro & Bar9 – Take Me Up

    np. thought id ask
  12. Mean Teeth - Crawler

    i too am interested
  13. Myro & Bar9 – Take Me Up

    wouldnt happen to have the mayhem remix too would you?
  14. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Audio Remix)

    reup by chance? just heard this track not long ago