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  1. LAXX & Dion Timmer - Join Me

    Dubstep/Trap http://mixstep.co/u8t0pwgx3hvy
  2. Krimer - Damage (feat. Mikey Ceaser)

  3. Krimer - Countdown

  4. Krimer & Spag Heddy - Got Dam!

  5. Krimer - Switch

  6. Spiritual Gangsters - Fuck It (Original)

    Not bad, sounds like typical Dubstep/Briddim(bro riddim). thats a good thing tho, if you can replicate what Spag Heddy sounds like (kinda) then that is already a good start. I would prefer more melody, to make it sound a little less generic.
  7. Spiritual Gangsters - Fuck It (Original)

    I'm assuming you're part of the group.
  8. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    no tags?
  9. Franky Nuts - All I Want

    It looks like your speks are fine, both of them.
  10. Subtronics & Dirt Monkey - Warp Drive

  11. Phiso - Wasteland (VIP Mix)

    Edit: The leak was only 17kHz now that I checked it lol, big ups.
  12. Franky Nuts - All I Want

    Speks check out.
  13. Kompany - Servo

  14. Kompany - Blade

  15. Kompany & Far Too Loud - Fuckstorm