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  1. Samplifire & Mastadon - Earthquake

    I always feel like samplifire's style should annoy me but it's always so huge I fall in love.
  2. Sudden Death & TenGraphs - Mind Games (RYVI Remix)

    Sudden Death has some godlike sample making abilities or is capable of morphing a popular sound kit to his liking because his bangers are off the charts good. I don't like everything though, and his slower stuff is frankly poor quality, but this and his faster stuff plays out both at home and live.
  3. Louis Futon - HARD AF

    Dude's better then the merchandise.
  4. Samplifire - Corvo

    Samplifire has been killing it for years, crazy fucking tunes.
  5. DJ Blend - Twizted (Original Mix)

    Well tbf I would consider Blend and Blenders to be closer to like a Steve Aoki fanbase then the more OG Electro House DJ's who are actually talented. Lol
  6. The Frim - Don't Do It (Original Mix)

    I'm not sure I've ever been disappointed by the Frim.
  7. Dense & Pika - Colt (Original Mix)

    This was on the first page of google, the size of the file looks legit enough. http://www80.zippyshare.com/v/RAcAx1T1/file.html
  8. Arkwright - Deadman

    Ughh so damn tasty.
  9. Rain Man - Dope

    Like Rain Man, Rain man? Damn
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    Seems more like Festie trap to me, but damn this tune is bonkers.
  12. WTF! I read the comments and was like, K bout to be a good song. But this is just insane. I could write a fucking paragraph about this and still not have said enough.
  13. http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/TR40r9CA/file.html Eh I think they coulda done more, but it does cut out all the I AM THE GERD crap from the original track. I just thought it was annoying and they kept playing that plus G G G OODDD.
  14. Figure - Who's Next

    Figure may not be on a win streak atm, but this isn't bad. And by no means terrible.
  15. Bear Grillz & Getter - EDM

    I had the pleasure of seeing Bear & Getter live on separate occasions, and this tune is just a glorified drop with minor sample work that compliments their mixing style. This isn't very original or crazy as a standalone, but it's fun live.