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  1. http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/jBNdYNrW/file.html Just seen this one, I figure its future bass with a bit of trap mixed in. Move where needed VR Facebook
  2. I grabbed this a couple weeks ago from SC. Such a phenomenal tune! I love every bit of it, just had to see if someone posted it ?
  3. I'm finally back bro ive missed yall <3

  4. Could you re-up thefaded. - Pull Up? Thanks

  5. There will always be a spot for you in the ClublandLV family, just say the word if you ever want back in (ganja3)

    Best luck and wishes for you and everything you do!

    p.s your profile pic is fucking dank! Bah! (ganja3)

  6. I know :) I just miss your presence here

  7. :D

    dude you can message me on FB lol. Thanks doe bae ;)

  8. Nice JLT intake (yeah)

  9. Woooohou, thank u man! it's a killer beat..

  10. Mura Masa - Tell Me

  11. Mura Masa - Tell Me

    lol, kanye is great for this