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  1. yo dude, thanks for posting my Track lol ;) 

    1. Gattsu


      Why you collab with Messinian, please tell me it was a label decision haha

    2. BroMyGod


      hes a friend of mine, and i really do enjoy his vocals, heavy metal was based solely  off  of the story of the lyrics. Thats all my concept :D However we released a instrumental for same reason as you are expressing :) 

  2. Skellism x Terror Bass - In The Pit Feat Lil Jon

    Lil Jon & Skellism - In The Pit feat Terror Bass http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/j0NfqYXh/file.html
  3. SVDDEN DEATH - Prismatic

    Its because of the Band Sudden Death. Its a legal thing
  4. Subtronics - Fire Drill (VIP)

    damn.. alittle harsh
  5. BMTH - Shadow Moses (Faytal Remix)

  6. Standard&Push - Boa (Original Mix)

  7. No Mana - Slow Motion

    i love everything about his style
  8. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Kubi Remix)

    love this
  9. Dr. Ozi - Hartyhar (feat. MagMag)

    @dirtydubber he is on my next track lol Dope vocalist
  10. JVST SAY YES - H B H G

    nice track
  11. ak9 - Everybody

    i feel like this has been out for a while right?!
  12. We're Not Friends & Pyper - Come With Tha

    @bakerster2 FAKE
  13. Zeds Dead - Woman Wine

    i never got into ZD