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  1. Hypes - Onit (Requake Remix)

  2. Brent Kilner - Concentrate

    This is huge!!! Big ups man Deff will be playing this out at my next gig.
  3. AlphaBit - Z

    Timmy your the man. and I guess im the lucky one with the Badklaat remix sonnnn. thanks buddy. (music)
  4. Getter - Hatchets (Original Mix)

    Have you even listened to the tune? He put deff put a Getter Twist to the Trap game.
  5. J.Robinson & Gantz - Misread

    This shit is HUGE
  6. Nine2 - Synergy

    Fuck yeah keep it up wyo and peeps!
  7. Dub Mechz - Change of Direction

    Huge ups my man!!! thx
  8. DJ Madd feat. G Rina - Never 2 Late

    Dj Madd Always has them fire tracks. Thanks for the upload.
  9. Loefah - Jungle Infiltrator

    Thank you!!
  10. Say My Name - PewPewPew

    Will deff being playing this out tomorrow night. Big fucking ups!
  11. Laxx - You Turn Me

    REEEEE UP please!
  12. Haze - Spazz

  13. Hatcha & Kromestar - Minimum

    Please upload it all later!! Thank Joeee mike
  14. Distance - Searching

    Im pretty sure I heard him place this last friday at the Chestplate show in SF. BIG UPS tho