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  1. Matt-U - Ivory

    re up please
  2. Jafu - Blues & Greens

    i LURVE THIS song
  3. Jafu - Click to Order

    re up please
  4. Jafu - Delusions

    re up please
  5. Jafu - Huron Heights

    re up please
  6. B9 & Jafu - Causes

    re up please
  7. Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop [320]

    here ya go guys, for some reason the spek doesnt look as strong anymore, newer version of spek or something, exact same file name as before, got confused at first tho http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/fIDecMGx/file.html
  8. Skism, Habstrakt & Megalodon - Jaguar

    i thought this was not very good
  9. Genetix & Trampa - Get With This

    this song is raw as fuck ok. sounds nothing like the "mammoth bass sound" but it does sound similar to alot of the hard-hitter genetix have been putting out, most of which i have been liking. Genetix has been one of my top 5 artists lately and this song is a perfect example why mainly i have been digging genetix deep shit lately, soo good.
  10. Subscape - Angels

    been waiting on this. massive!
  11. Compa & Ipman - Let Them (Original Mix)

    absolutely massive. i have been rinsing the shit out of this tune here is re-up http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/96010577/file.html
  12. Murdok - True Grit

    re upped + added AIFF