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  1. Jazza - Bassline

  2. Version - Escapee

    Always on point, thanks bro !
  3. Dominator & Invictus - W A T

    yessss bro !
  4. Shifta - Back On The Edge

    This the Shifta from back in the day ? Sick shit nonetheless
  5. Danger - Situation Control

    Pretty new to alternatives for the thanks button which seems to be gone but thanks for the uploads bro
  6. Jaydan - Killer

    Got any of these in mp3 mate ? Big thanks !
  7. DJ Zero - Buried

    big up mate :)
  8. DJ Zero - NZE

    anyone got the flip to this ?
  9. Boosta & Atmos T - Torn

    best one on the ep without any doubt
  10. Celph Titled - I Could Write A Rhyme

    Big up for all the posts man, love every single one of them !
  11. Killer Buddah - Paranormal

    This guy & Statix are coming out with the most evil, dark & grimey tunes around. Killer.
  12. Dj Alpha - Grim Reaper

    Been looking for this one bro, thanks :)
  13. Jaydan - Raggamuffin

    Can't thank you enough for this one broski
  14. DJ Sly - Bastard

    cheers G
  15. big ups for sharing this one bro !