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    Good music
  1. Haze - Showdown VIP

    Can anyone reup pls? @Beautiful
  2. Vhachi - Submerged

    Tune! Thank you
  3. The Widdler - Sleep

    Damn, Widdler is always so good. This one took me a few plays but digging it now
  4. Woofax - Playhouse (Original Mix)

    @k.line thanks! Knowledge is power
  5. Woofax - Playhouse (Original Mix)

    Was this guy part of Terravita? I thought HPD was cyberoptics? And def makes sense that he's Termourz too, missin the old days of J Rabbit / Play Me stuff like all this.
  6. Hebbe - Float Yourself

    Damn would love a 24 bit wav! Thanks for dis one tho!
  7. Xakra - No Attention

  8. Emilian Wonk - Basilisk

  9. LFK - Vibration

    Sub World is the jam! Big up
  10. Barkan - She Might Say

    I do not feel this is midtempo dubstep....
  11. Kryptic Minds - Badman VIP

    Re-Up because the rude boys, they will be there.... http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/DFutW6Vm/file.html
  12. Rethink - Her

  13. JStella x CRoW - Don't Sleep VIP

    They have a lot of dope stuff in ATL! But where is the download link?
  14. System of a Down - BYOB (Widdlers Dubout)

    Thanks @Dublatron! Hope you made it out to Nightmare
  15. Geode - Accomplice

    Really digging this one!