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  1. nets - bottles

  2. fuckkk yesss thank you my brotha
  3. Moniker - Morning Star

    made me feel young again as if i was 18 again.... pure blisss
  4. Zeke Beats - Drugz

    ayeee this is a banger
  5. re up bruthaa puhleeez
  6. ohhh bruvvvv thank yew sooo sooo much, i apreciate it too the maxxx, you made my day to be honest. ^__________^

  7. re upped 420 and h bomb, i dont have murder vip tho...

  8. Heybro i lost allmy A3 tracks , can yew shoot me 420, murder vip, and h-bomb? Plz? Im dyin without em

  9. Obey - Hollow

    Obey got a FB?