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  1. Goth Trad - Sunbeam VIP

    Yea Mala! As for the 320/WAV the only way I think I can get that is through the iTunes converter and/or my DAW. Idk how the speks will be though. I'll try and upload it before the end of the week.
  2. Valk - Bosswave VIP

    Free off of SoundCloud. Go support this guy with a like and repost. His wubz are sick! Will Link both mixstep and SoundCloud below: http://mixstep.co/bxunqmgzflfe
  3. Valk - Bosswave

    Purchased off of Beatport. Only got the MP3 since they charge an extra $0.75 for a WAV! The struggle is real... http://mixstep.co/xha9h1jje2yt
  4. Mantis ft. Messinian - Moshaholics (Original Mix)

    Big ups to the homies of ATL!!!
  5. Goth Trad - Sunbeam VIP

    Heard this song in a mix by Mala, searched for a free version but I gave up and bought it off of iTunes. Enjoy this timeless tune!!! Edit: WAV is linked below too. Created from iTunes WAV encoder thingy. http://mixstep.co/ak84cukgdbv7 http://mixstep.co/zwns0bdodu85
  6. Bommer & Drippy - Dark Forces

    This is whack but in a good way!
  7. Form '95 - Blindful

    This is SICK!!!
  8. Xilent - The X

    Def one of my favs off the Album! Xilent is BEAST!
  9. Ad Astra - Visions

    Damn this is AWESOME!
  10. Zomboy - Biterz (Svdden Death Remix)

  11. Somnium Sound - Unholy

    Awesome sauce!!!
  12. Chibs, Getorix - Portals (Dack Janiels Remix)

    Download worked for me
  13. Holy fack this is MASSIVE!!!
  14. Kitech - The Futility Of Your Existence

    This is sick af!!!