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  1. Rhythmic Soulz - One Tribe

    @Zobbster cheers bro thank you !
  2. DJ Hybrid - Killing Dem VIP

  3. http://mixstep.co/h6i4ieqqiepr http://mixstep.co/84vvlqjlbkfp
  4. http://mixstep.co/4nj3jfltqgy6
  5. Upfront - Grumps

  6. http://mixstep.co/po558155n0rn
  7. Calibre - Start Again ft. Chimpo

    Fresh Link http://mixstep.co/sq49vnn6l5bd
  8. DJ Hybrid - Lickshot

    Fresh link http://mixstep.co/2y2wj5utmtsi
  9. fresh link http://mixstep.co/lqxay90x5edx
  10. We put this out for free download on our soundcloud few months ago along with One Tribe. Chilled experimental halftime buzz, Something very different from our norm, mucking around one day turned into a fun lil vibe with a bit of meaning. let us know what u think. "Eastern Oil Interprets the hardship & struggle of the families suffering in the Middle East due to the oil trade. - Rhythmic Soulz" Follow us on Fb - http://www.facebook.com/Rhythmicsoulzmusic1 and the Insta - http://www.instagram.com/rhythmicsoulz And soundcloud below chur to all http://mixstep.co/7ocuz7kt3mzv
  11. We put this out for free download on our soundcloud few months ago along with Eastern Oil. An experimental chilled halftime track, turn up kick back and disappear "One Tribe shows the emotion behind all lost traditions & cultures from around the world and represents uniting as one tribe worldwide - Rhythmic Soulz" http://www.facebook.com/Rhythmicsoulzmusic1 http://www.instagram.com/rhythmicsoulz http://mixstep.co/asgzpstcpvk7

    Cheers @doskNZ , legend! let us know what think of the others as well
  13. Calibre - Again VIP feat. Chimpo

    @MrF33ling any chance of a re up on this?

    Cheers everyone for the support everyone, another couple from us here if haven't seen them already... and more to come soon
  15. Sup crew! This is the latest one from us at Rhythmic Soulz. We are a collaboration of artists from Perth Australia Still trying to build up our soundcloud page so have waited a lil while before uploading on here. if you could head there and support us thatd be fantastic otherwise straight download link available below. hope yall like it. Chur R.S. http://mixstep.co/dmrgp121dmxm http://www.facebook.com/Rhythmicsoulzmusic1/