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  1. Block-2 - anasarca

    damn you got the .wav but i can only find it available on iTunes? Thank you! Do you happen to have the other two singles that seem to only be available on iTunes?
  2. Ankou - Necrophobia

    This artist is sick, thanks for turning my head to a new halftime boss!
  3. Muzzy - Get Crazy (AgNO3 remix)

    thats dope!
  4. Audeka - Direct Injection

    @Walter Wonkite will do! thanks my good man!
  5. Audeka - Direct Injection

    http://mixstep.co/iapeisxcp0xr Audeka - Dark Energy/Direct Injection - 02 Direct Injection My bad this is certainly not halftime, started thread in wrong category... If a mod could move, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Audeka (feat. RawtekK) - Dark Energy/Direct Injection EP - 01 Dark Energy http://mixstep.co/xplr7m3ifh2i From the MethLab Bandcamp page. Idk what genre you want to pigeon hole this into but feel free to move if needed.
  7. Subp Yao - Fission

    Holy shit, that ending.....
  8. Subp Yao - Wurk

    Thats raw! Thank you!
  9. EPROM & G Jones - Hysteria

    This is life! THANKS!!!!
  10. Ordure - Hold Me Close (2017 Re-Master)

    @pHANTUM Thanks a lot!! Def playing a couple of these out this weekend now!
  11. Ordure - Hold Me Close (2017 Re-Master)

    @pHANTUM All of the tracks you uploaded from WAVE009 range from 271-281kbps. Such a killer release tho!!!