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  1. Maximono - No Joke

    Well, This is new... http://prntscr.com/i36u2c
  2. Roberto Surace - Keep On Moving (Original Mix)

    @keenonDISCO Figured I'd bring this to your attention.
  3. .

    @BlazeTX It appears you're having a hard time with the general rules of this site. Here: CLLV RULES SIR! That is the link for CLLV Rules. #4 refers to proper download links. We all pay to be here and have things a certain way, if we all play along as we are supposed to, things will go over smoothly!
  4. DJ PP, Jack Mood - Kick Ass!

    I Thought the exact thing, then went to comment such, and saw this.
  5. Ryan Forever - Nasty (Original MIx)

    I need as much of this shit as possible! FUUUUUUCK YES!
  6. Shiba San - Show Me (Original Mix)

    Please use Mixstep or Cloudsany when posting.. This Zippyshare shit sucks. Thanks for taking the time out to post these tracks though.
  7. Steve Aoki - Night Call (Loopers Remix)

    wow, abrupt ending much?
  8. .

    Still havent posted in the proper format...
  9. Joel Fletcher - Rattle

  10. Bakteria - Vanilla Dome (Original Mix)

    @EddeDropsBombs You double fucked this post... A: Fuck MediaFire B: This isn't ANYWHERE near the correct fucking genre...
  11. Goth Trad - Sunbeam VIP

    Duuuuuuuuude!!! Holy fuck, been trying to find this fucking tune for a minute, now! Hell yes! Thank You! Dl'd fo sho
  12. Tobi Kramer - Same Day (Original Mix)

    I'm loving this! Thank You! DL'd
  13. Robytek - Luna Africana (Red Axes Dub)

  14. Elio Junior - Bass System

    Oh damn, definitely going to drop this one tonight! Thanks! DL'd
  15. RICCK - Switchback

    Yeahhhhhhhh Dl'd thanks