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  1. Emalkay - Graviton

    anyone that uses twitch lexicon outside of twitch deserves to be execu- I mean excommunicated.
  2. Ganon & Ivory - Drunk Zelda

    you're probably thinking of this
  3. Nexu5 - Blowback VIP

    heh, you are like little baby watch this
  4. Bukez Finezt - Please Behave

    That phrase is illegal in 19 countries.
  5. Da Force - Jabba VIP

    cleanest edit I've ever heard then literally every trader has this track, idk why it wasn't locked down
  6. Badphaze - Raw 2014 (Quake Dub)

  7. Hatcha - Vision

    Yes, you saw that right: Hatcha in the riddim section.
  8. Soular Order - I'm Still Here

    I forget about how much I enjoy this kind of music
  9. Benzmixer - 6SixDoubleO

    One of my favorite producers; sad to see his track leaked, but he probably was never going to do anything with it.
  10. 1000Volts & Datsik - Monster (BadKlaat Remix)

    Badklaat's tracks usually make me wanna hit something, this one is not violent enough. Someone mind telling me why Badklaat and Trolley haven't collabed yet?
  11. Yakz - Let's Get Weird

    only worthwhile track from the release
  12. Infekt - Orgalorg VIP

    Everything he's done with Blood Goblinz is amazing to me, I don't really care about any other tracks he's made.
  13. Getter - Lights Out (ID "R28D" VIP)

    ID as in ID the artist "somehow this killer tune got out so im giving it away for free big ups @ID for the tune"