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  1. Herobust – Move Mint VIP

    pretty sure this ones already posted; i remember getting this from here
  2. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    was thinking the same, he prob puts at least one of them on the album
  3. LAXX - Heart (ft. GG Magree)

    got this off the internet, so http://mixstep.co/q7r8ve1tkl32
  4. pretty sure this should be in jump up though
  5. Icicle & Youngsta - Momentum

    oh man, i didnt even know a full version of this existed! starting 2018 off the right way
  6. Livsey - Conflict

    FREE DOWNLOAD which i nearly missed http://mixstep.co/2effs88v666z
  7. Sub Focus - X-Ray (Metrik Remix)

    i actually enjoy this very much - wish sub focus was still on this level
  8. Excision & Dion Timmer - Take Me Higher

    theyre in the red, its just bad mixing/mastering on this one
  9. Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted VIP

    @LEOPOLD STOTCH i wanna see you in here bruv
  10. Turno - Cattivo

    thats the darksiders 2 artwork, isnt it?
  11. insane drumwork on this one
  12. Teddy Killerz - Back To Violence

    this SO sounds like a ~2015 neosignal tune
  13. Knife Party - LRAD (The Prototypes Bootleg)

    glad to see this is finally getting a release