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  1. El-B - Under Ground Girls

    That is where u are wrong, Donae'o - Party Hard is not representative of what are UK Funky tracks. No 4x4 predominance or bassline influence, no soulful vibes, at least there is a tribal percussion... It is UK Funky but not what I would show to give people a definition of UK funky. Also, instead of just saying "it is definitly not UK funky", please tell to us ignorant fools what it is.
  2. Strickly Dubz - Rise Up

    So, because it is written Garage on it, it can't be some UK funky ? Wow, I guess you should tell everybody who upload dubstep to go in the grime section, coz after all, it was written "grime" on the Grime 2 vinyl ^^ Anyway, please learn better about subgenres because u are always asking for moving tracks and most of the time they are fine where they are, and you're wrong. And oh, you're irritating too.
  3. El-B - Love Is Coming

    No, it is 4x4, just have to listen to the kick. Simple as that.
  4. Strictly Dubz - Dutty Bass

    This track is now where it belongs, definitly 4x4/bassline.
  5. Noisia - Sinkhole (Posij Remix)

    This need to be put in the footwork section, IMO.
  6. And it seems that you're not part of it, bro. There is NO breakbeat in this track, it is a 4x4 track. Period.
  7. ... Where do you hear some 4x4 innit ? It is breaking too much, this should go to grime.
  8. Thanx for the GIF, lulz !
  9. Ajaxbeats - Lucid Dreaming

    Need a re-up, this track is huge !
  10. Ajaxbeats - Bred N Butta

    This tune is really good, I love it. Good work mate, keep on making good tracks like this one
  11. Marcus_Visionary_feat_Steppa_Style_-_Step_Aside

    Maybe, but not on 192kbps ^^
  12. Deadcode - Bomboclat (Original mix)

    Dark and agressive jungle, raaaaaaaaaah this track is wicked !!!
  13. Paradox, Nucleus - Take You There

    <3 Paradox, thanx !