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  1. Drucifer - Rationale (Original Mix)

    Here is my most recent track. It is a 160 BPM dubstep tune with live guitar and samples from a 1960's psychotherapy video. If you're feeling it give me a like on Facebook and a follow on Soundcloud. http://mixstep.co/tqjwuz160ajn Drucifer on Facebook Drucifer on SoundCloud Drucifer's Youtube
  2. After a couple years away I've been getting back into music production. You guys have played a big part in influencing my style and I hope you are feeling this one http://mixstep.co/1bcwpa2rn4s3
  3. System of a Down - BYOB (Widdlers Dubout)

    Choppy Oppy? You guys killed it! I love the mix of live instruments and wubs.
  4. System of a Down - BYOB (Widdlers Dubout)

    He dropped this at Big Dub. Widdler is the fucking best.
  5. Hi I'm Ghost - Uh-Oh (Original Mix)

    This one is unambiguously trap to me. I don't hear any sounds or synths characteristic of dubstep. This can be said for half of the tracks posted in Hybrid though. I usually don't say anything because it comes across as ungrateful and I'm extremely appreciative of everyone who posts here. Trap Pitched 808's, timing varied drums/hats, plucks, arps, etc Half-time or double-time Rap/no-rap/vocals/samples Rise/no-rise with deep 808 drops BPM 70 - 110 ... or 140 - 180 Hybrid Trap Pitched 808's, keyed up snares, timing varied drums/hats, plucks, arps, etc, aggressive dubstep bass Double-time Rap/no-rap/samples Rise with Dubstep inspired drops
  6. Hi I'm Ghost - Uh-Oh (Original Mix)

    This is trap. I love it though, thanks man.

    Hybrid Trap ---> Electro House
  8. Butch Clancy - Arsonist's Lullaby (Remix)

    This is straight trap, not even hybrid...
  9. This is badass, but it should be moved to hybrid trap.
  10. Stratus - Nu Ruff (Original Mix)

    It's not working for me either, even after updating adobe flash and disabling then re-enabling it. Thank you, by the way! You're always posting great tunes.
  11. Rebelution - Those Days

    @Bird Person You are needed for a reup sir, if you would be so kind.
  12. Rebelution - Know It All

    @Bird Person Can we get a reup? Wubba lubba dub dub!!
  13. Lexxmatiq - Shades (Original Mix)

    Should be in Twerk section
  14. Jme-Open Up (Original Mix)

    You guys don't have to be such assholes. It was the first song she ever made.
  15. Excision & The Frim ft. Luciana - Night Shine