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  1. Yakis, Victory Team - Within Us (Original Mix)

    Super fresh tune <3
  2. Jimmy Pe - Joystick

    Saturate Records never lets me down.
  3. Šuma - Woof

    ugggghhhh!!! I wish this track was like 2-3 times longer lol
  4. Vacuum - Bullet Truck

    Massive! Big thanks!
  5. DJ Vacuum - Gunsmoke - Mad Scientists Remix

    Oh Mai Gah!! Bangin'
  6. Krakota & Urbandawn - Laguna

    This whole EP is so butter
  7. Satl & Anthony Kasper - In The Sun

    These dudes have been slaying with every track they've been coming out with lately!
  8. Orion & Ben Ayla - Your Voice

    The feeeeeeels So good
  9. Mohican Sun - Defiance

    So perfect
  10. Teddy Killerz - Bounce

    This is almost more of a breaks track. Hard to say lol Pretty dope regardless
  11. Wuki - Catch Ya Breath

    This track is so obnoxiously amazing <3
  12. Big K.R.I.T. - My Sub Pt. 3 (BIG MAKK 'SAUCY' MIX)

    RIP to my bro BIG MAKK <3
  13. Kry Wolf - Wavvves

    prime tune
  14. Herobust - Bottle Swervice (Wuki Remix)

    This track is HUGE!