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  1. Signal & Disprove - Mantura

    Well on my shitty huawei with shitty basic apple earpods it doesnt matter, mp3 320kbps is enuff for me
  2. Signal & Disprove - Mantura

    Cuz my phone has limited storage Yes i know i can convert it myself, but i dont want to download some app only for this = im lazy and i asked nice
  3. Signal & Disprove - Mantura

    Please someone could post the EP in .mp3? Yea i know i could convert it.. but lets be frank, i dont want to. thanks
  4. Rico Puestel - Caravel

    Thanks a lot <3
  5. The Upbeats - Prism (Emperor Remix)

    Same, could you pretty please upload it somewhere else? Thanks boss @FrnchPAir !
  6. Madonna - Frozen (Killaheadz Bootleg)

    Hi, do you happen to have mp3 version? Thanks
  7. Techno Releases / Requests / Discussion

    Hi Does anyone happen to have this lovely song? thanks
  8. Urbandawn - Like What

  9. Malice - Can't Let You Go (Original Mix)

    this is so fuckin goooooooood
  10. Rene LaVice - Sound Barrier

    this and the other rene lavice are down
  11. Signs - Quantum (Zombie Cats Remix)

    spoderman has the rhythm
  12. Much love Chief <3 also for the zip name
  13. Any chance u grabbed the whole remixes EP?
  14. Occult & Faded - Astral Ascension

    Please support him if you can, this tune is so goooooood http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/GwJtfKru/file.html
  15. Calyx & TeeBee - Takes One To Know One

    this is so fuckin goooood!