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  1. dem garage classics still online somewhere?

  2. Please re-up Asa - Intimate EP pleaseeeee!! Thanks in advance man!

  3. could you reupload Tetsuo - Zup Zup if you still have it by any chance? Many thanks brotha :D


  4. can ya send me the the link for Plasctician Japan.. please !!!

  5. Jade Blue & Frequency - Lately

    I think that's general release, beatport is early exclusive. Anyone reckon this should go in UK Jackin?
  6. politics :) I have DJ gigs here and there so I log in to grab some fresh remixes but contributing is a little tricky :/

  7. Ah that's no good :( What are you studying?

  8. stuck at uni doing essays mostly! not good not good

  9. Geeezer. You've been missed! Where you been?

  10. De Niro - Midnight Blue

    FKOF are a blog etc etc :D
  11. Sixth Ape & C-Side - Untold Passage

    Again, FKOF are a blog, they don't remix anything (beach) Fixed
  12. Krimson - No Idea

    The track title is Krimson - No Idea, FKOF are a blog, they don't remix anything ;) Fixed
  13. Jubei & Consequence - Ungrounded

    May not be his source but it's on db9 edit: this is a collab, fixed title
  14. Sorry don't have this anymore x