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  1. Stinkahbell - Take Me Baby

    those 2009 synths doe <3
  2. Berrix ft. Shiverz - Renegade

    ayyy i just opened for this dude and big chocolate a couple months ago in chico
  3. Kai Wachi – Why Wait

    frfr i saw he went to prison and when i saw what for i was saddened
  4. Kai Wachi – Why Wait

    eh he was in there for selling heroin so tbh i couldnt care less good producer or not
  5. Jantsen - Menace (Original Mix)

    lol totes whole song/artwork is eptic rip off
  6. Hudson Mohawke - Cbat (Boombox Cartel Remix)

    minnesota dropped this Oregon Eclipse and i just about broke the rail
  7. WILLY WOMPA Ft Virginia Slim - Diskjockey F3LON

    160kbps also dont support willy wompa hes a thief
  8. Tropic Tiger - Baile

    wav http://mixstep.co/cdnjrf6vcoct mp3 http://mixstep.co/ofkk5tdkh9s5
  9. <iframe src="http://mixstep.co/embed/rys4ewwlofu6" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="150"></iframe> http://mixstep.co/5se46qmxc2ll
  10. GRiZ - Wicked (Megalodon Remix)

    woah megalodon really stepping away from his usual yomp yomp noise very nice
  11. Tincup - Crow

    tincup is still alive?
  12. Liquid Stranger ft. Mr. Bill - Frankenskank

    well its 140 dubstep?
  13. Liquid Stranger ft. Mr. Bill - Frankenskank

    this is awesome. but i wouldnt call it trap lol