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Where to put what House track [CHECK BEFORE POSTING]

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Bolted    5,553
Hey guys, my submission for Jackin:

UK Jackin/Bassline House:

Tends to be focused around stronger, longer baselines that wobble and bounce, with punches, stabs and 'dirty' metallic noises commonly used. There also tends to be a louder, more prominent clap ending each bar within the 4x4 structure. Usually faster than most generic house music at anything between 125-135bpm. Closest thing to it for me would be fidget house with Jackin having generally more noises going on than fidget, and less well.... fidgety.

Examples of artists who's music often fall in this genre include Hannah Wants, Low Steppa, My Nu Leng, Billy Kenny and Chris Lorenzo,




will update this tomorrow, thanks man. Hope to have this list done and updated once I am done with exams.

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Jerm    8,560

Love this guide! Very easy to follow, especially compared to some other main section posting guides. Great job guys!

Although it doesn't have it's own section, for the sake of house categorization and for those coming to this thread to learn, I'd like to talk a little about

French House

or often referred to as 'French Touch', is the style of house music progressed by the French. Characterized by the strong use of filters, Funk/Disco samples, funky/heavy bass lines, and often vocoded vocals. Artists that popularized this genre include Daft Punk, Stardust, AIR, Bob Sinclar, Dimitri From Paris, most of which rose to fame during the mid to late 90s. Generally speaking, this style of house should be posted to Funky/Disco House.

Quintessential example:

http://www.clublandlv.com/showthread.php?t=517056 (posted to wrong section I believe?)

In recent years there's been a more current wave of French House, that generally fits best in Nu-disco/ Indie Dance. While still retaining much of the signature French Touch sound, it's evolved into something more relaxing, fluid, and indie in style. Artists progressing this new breed of French House include FKJ (French Kiwi Juice), Darius, Le Crayon, Cherokee. Roche Musique being one of the more popular labels promoting this sound.

http://www.clublandlv.com/showthread.php?t=547878 (Bolted, you need to re-up this one ;) )



I have no idea how this amazing EP hasn't been uploaded yet, but I'll upload it tomorrow


*because knowledge is power*


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